The Supper Club

A series of suppers, afternoon teas, whisky socials and other gatherings, encouraging dialog across generations, cultures, archetypes. Photographed and created by Elia Alba, produced in collaboration with Recess.

Ivan Monforte: Simple Gestures

"My art uses simple gestures and materials, as well as emotional language and content as strategic tools to address themes of loss and mourning, representations of class, gender, race and sexuality and the pursuit of love."

When I read this line from his statement I knew how I would photograph Ivan…simple gestures that would convey a strong yet sad figure. His work really captures the emotions and feelings of his subjects….don’t ever cry in front of Ivan or you’ll become art work, which in a strange way is really quite beautiful. He sees the beauty in sadness and I wanted to combine these two elements in the image. I was considering having conversations so we could cry together and capture that in the image but he would have wound up photographing me! I had to settle for a simulation! Check out these great out takes of La Llorona, La Dolores…The Feeler


Nicole Awai: The Word “Black”

"The word "black" has now collapsed into an American understanding, unfortunately. Black arts in England had amazing fuel with “Transforming the Crown” because that included people of African decent, Asian decent, Caribbean decent, right? And now with the world becoming this conservative flip-flop mess, they are using it more in this African-American sense." Nicole Awai, Dinner at Tripoli, October 1, 2012

Go Go Gone, 2011,resin, cotton linter fiber, wire form, nail polish, 5 x 4 x 6 feet.

A Pioneering Spirit: Lorraine O’Grady

When I first started to contemplate the ways I would photograph Lorraine, I wanted the image not only to embody her pioneering spirit but also her commitment to being her own person. Other women who I drew inspiration from for this shoot were design icon Iris Apfel and music diva Tina Turner.

Lorraine’s practice always seems to go between being part of the establishment yet always so alternative. Plus she loves fashion…my shero! A week prior to the shoot she allowed my assistant and I to look over her wardrobe so we could pick what she should wear. We loved everything! Who knew black could be so good! We were zeroing in a few pieces but alas, Lorraine graciously was just humoring us. She already had her mind made up! All was not lost though, as our conversations that day helped us for the upcoming session with her!

The day of the shoot was incredible. She let us re-arrange her studio to photograph her, was really happy with her makeup and not to mention she really had us all mesmerizes with her musings on art, life, her incredible past and upcoming projects! We had a fantastic time shooting The Trailblazer!

Alejandro Guzman: First Curator

"My first curator that I ever came to know and just even understand the word by definition was Okwui Enwezor. His book, "The Short Century" was my first art book and I read that book during my six hour biology class in the middle of Boulder, Colorado during undergrad. That was the first time I ever felt like a Puerto Rican and black. I never had to face my identity back home.” Alejandro Guzman, Dinner at Recess, December 10, 2013, part of a larger discussion on agency.

The Fatalist Performance at Susan Inglett Gallery, 2013

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